Hi! I'm Phoebe McPherson.

I'm here to help tell your business' story on social media – so you can focus on all of the other stuff.



Social media is constantly changing. Almost daily there are new algorithms, new memes, new accounts trending, new hashtags "shadow banned" on Instagram. And if your finger isn't on the pulse, you can quickly get lost in the internet's white noise. 

I don't believe that social media is a cookie cutter strategy that delivers instant results. And I don't believe in "making something go viral."

Instead, I believe in incredible digital storytelling using social media platforms. Consumers no longer trust brands, which is why I instead believe in highlighting the PEOPLE behind your brand. I believe in putting your customers first and giving them an incredible online experience that perfectly portrays your company. And most importantly, I believe that social media is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you grow and define your business. 

Honestly, though.


What do clients most commonly ask for? 

  • social media strategy 
  • complete social media management 
  • event-specific social media strategy
  • speaking engagements to talk about social media and branding 
  • content creation
  • social media training for teams or individuals
  • content writing & editing 
  • live instagram story creation
  • building social media profiles for new businesses. 
  • blogger starter kit. 

honestly though social about

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always 100% customizable to you


These packages are here the cookie cutter approach folks out there. But everything we do is catered to your brand and who you are. 


small business

perfect for: small business owners, startups.

what's included: 

  • full social media audit
  • strategy session + 30 day plan for where to go next
  • 1 week social media listening  + competitor analysis.  
  • one-hour social media best practices, tips + trends session. 

personal branding

perfect for: budding bloggers, executives, freelancers. 

what's included: 

  • full social media audit
  • strategy session + 30 day plan for where to go next
  • 1 week social media listening  + competitor analysis.  
  • 1 hour social media best practices session.
  • blog strategy + creation 


the big kahuna

perfect for: newbies to social media. 

Don't have social media at all? Or have a presence that's been silent for 6+ months? This package is for you:

  • creation of social media platforms based on businesses goals. 
  • 60 day plan for where to go next
  • 1 week analysis of competitors + social listening to customers
  • one-hour social media best practices, tips + trends session. 

individual services

for people who need something specific, or want to build their own package. 

download pdf here. 


platform strategy

pick a platform: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Blogging (includes Medium, Tumblr, WordPress) and we'll devise a strategy to bring you success in your brand or business! 

social media audit

Full review of any and all social media accounts. At the end of two weeks, we'll present a report including: good, bad and ugly; plans for next steps; two weeks of social media content creation. 

social media maintenance

We'll work together to decide 2-3 platforms to focus on and devise a plan to keep your social media presence strong. 



content creation

create beautiful images, engage with local influencers. death to stock images. 


brand building 

You: Already have an established brand, but it's not where you want it to be. We'll work together to build up your brand, identify what is + isn't working. Meant for an individual, not business. 

best practices + trends

One-hour teaching session on social media best practices + tips to groups of 5-5000. Perfect for social media selling, executives + small biz owners. 


I can't wait to chat


Honestly, Though Social is based in Washington, D.C. I'm happy to come to anywhere in the greater DMV area, or work with you remotely. 

Mu consultations are 100% for your benefit. During our hour-long chat, we'll discuss your needs, concerns, wants, etc. and within a week, we'll deliver a project plan of how we can work together. 

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