photo by dave mentzer

photo by dave mentzer


Hi! I'm Phoebe.

I'm a social media expert for brands & businesses that don't fit the mold.

Social media is constantly changing. Almost daily there are new algorithms, new memes, new accounts trending, new hashtags "shadow banned" on Instagram. And if your finger isn't on the pulse, you can quickly get lost in the internet's white noise. 

I believe that it's impossible for social media to be a cookie cutter strategy. Your business is unique — and your social media presence should reflect that. 

I believe in incredible digital storytelling using social media platforms — whether it's vertical video, influencer marketing or a strategy to just get started. 

I believe in putting your customers first and giving them an incredible online experience that perfectly portrays your company. And most importantly, I believe that social media is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you grow and define your business. 

Honestly, though.

What do clients most commonly ask for? 

  • social media strategy

  • complete social media management

  • event-specific social media strategy

  • speaking engagements to talk about social media and branding

  • content creation

  • social media training for teams or individuals

  • content writing & editing

  • live instagram story creation

  • building social media profiles for new businesses.

  • blogger starter kit.